Who is Steve Solomon??  

Hi, I'm Steve Solomon and I'm running for Montgomery County Council - At Large.  I am a lifelong resident of Montgomery County.  My parents were Jewish immigrants who fled Europe in the 1940s.  They came to Montgomery County in the 1960s and never left.  Both spent their careers working for the federal government. My father at the FDA working in food safety and my mother at the VA fighting for benefits for injured military service members.  I've lived and worked in Rockville, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Wheaton, and Olney.    

I'm not a politician.  I'm just an average middle class guy who wants to help the community he's been a part of his whole life.

My career thus far has been mostly in radio.  I've spent the past 17 years as a producer and host in talk radio.  If you've ever listened to Solly (the name most people know me as on the radio) you'll know that I tell it like it is and pull no punches.  

I've had various jobs in school and before radio:  carpenter, ticket office worker, library, lawn mowing.  I'm no different than anyone else.  I'm just trying to pay my bills and be happy.

                       Why am I running for Montgomery  County council?                         

Like most people, I used to not understand "government".  It's all mystical and foreign to most of us.   What do they do?  How do they get things done?  On a local level, government is different.   The Montgomery County Council actually gets things done and affects people's daily lives.  They don't make all the laws, but they do set budgets for education, transportation, health services, police and fire/rescue.  They run our county parks, they make board and committee appointments.  They decide on land zoning.   Many many things that make a difference in our daily lives.  

I became interested in running for a council seat a few years ago.  I kept up with what the council does and how they do it.  I thought about running in 2014, but didn't.  Then in 2016, term limits were imposed on the council.  So 4 of the 9 members are out next election, so I thought now is the time to run!   And I'm not going to tell you that the council is doing a bad job, and we need a change.  For the most part, the councilmen and councilwomen have done great work.  It's just that the opportunity for new members has never been better, so the time is now for me to run with 4 seats open.


I want the council to have representatives that truly want the best for all people in this county.


I bet I ask myself the same questions that you've asked yourself many times.   Why does the construction on the road I drive on every day take so long to finish?    Why is traffic so bad?   How can we keep our neighborhoods safe?  How can I live in one of the richest counties in this country, and yet still have problems?  We all share many common issues in our lives here in Montgomery County.

I am a centrist, a moderate, whatever you want to call it.  I think most honest, hard working people who share values and common sense beliefs fall in the middle somewhere.  I will represent all people.  Black, White, Latino, Asian.   Rich, poor, middle class.   It is not the government's place to parse out and pick and choose who to help and who not to help.  

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