I have the utmost respect for our elected officials.  The ones who are genuine public servants who want to do good for the community.  Not the "politicians" whose speeches sound like lies and BS.  I hear their guarantees that I know are just empty promises to help get this person elected.  Below you'll see the list of issues I feel are important and are actually things I will work on if elected to the Board of Education. 




My first job out of college was as a carpenter, a skill I learned in college building theatrical scenery. While "tech jobs" are the future, we can't forget about the fact that we'll always need skilled plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.  Did you know the average age of a plumber is 58?  We have a great example of real world education here in Montgomery County – Thomas Edison High School of Technology, where students can learn about plumbing, carpentry, and automotive care. We need to teach kids in high school that there are many opportunities out there in the world, and expand programs like the one we have at Edison.   



We need to revise our policy on snow days. Too many times, Montgomery County has changed its mind on a snow day, from a 2 hour delay to closed. This affects not only the 160,000 students, but also tens of thousands of parents who have to change their plans. Working parents, single parents, and parents with multiple kids in MCPS all are inconvenienced by this. I want us to make a decision by 5:30am and stick with it. Of course the safety of students is the number one priority, and I understand erring on the side of caution, and that it could be snowing in Damascus and completely dry in Silver Spring, but we need to have a snow policy that parents and students can rely on.  While this hasn't been a problem since going to virtual learning, it was when we had in person schooling, and will be again. 

In a perfect world all schools would be right around 100% capacity.  That optimizes class sizes and the use of resources.   We have some schools that are overcrowded (110% of capacity) and some schools that are undercrowded (90% of capacity).  Students in overcrowded schools can be given the choice of attending an undercrowded school to balance capacity close to the optimal 100%.  That way no student is forced to go to another school, they have the choice.
No school should be without heat, working equipment, or be deteriorating from old age. All of our schools should be safe and modern. We need to be proactive for our growing population.
So many of our schools sit empty on nights, weekends, and summers. They are a great place for meetings, activities, classes, etc. They are very affordable. My civic association meets quarterly in the elementary school in our neighborhood.  Of course during virtual learning they are completely unused, but when we go back to in person schooling, we can begin to better utilize our facilities.
We need to keep Montgomery County as the premiere place you want to send your child to school. That means hiring the best teachers and service workers and keeping them here with competitive salaries and benefits.